The Photographer

László Sipos has been interested in fine arts since his childhood. His teachers for fine arts were Gyula Pál, Lászlóné Németh born as Éva Michna and József Krutilla. He worked in working groups for drawing and fine arts, participated in fine arts creative camps in Sóstófürdő, Salgóbánya and Zánka. He won numerous prizes and certificates at drawing competitions for children and at artistic competitions for youth. His oil and pastel paintings were displayed in several exhibitions abroad, from Munich to Moscow. His textile paintings were exhibited in India. (The local press and broadcasting media reported on these events.) In recent years he has designed book covers, partly to his own scripts in topics legal and legal history, Möbius, Örökségünk, MPKKI and ImiPrint, partly to the lecture notes and conference volumes of the faculty of the University of Debrecen.

László Sipos has been interested in photographing and filming for a good two decades. In hundred countries of the five continents he has taken twenty two thousand – not digital – photos and more than 200 hours of video film. Especially, the environment protection and the protection of ancient monuments as well as the relationship between the landscape and work of art are interesting for him. Several hundreds of his colour and black-and-white photos have been published in issues from 1999-2019 of magazines and journals „Armenia”, „Értékmentő”, „Falu-város-régió”, „Hajdú-Bihari Napló”, „Kelet-Magyarország”, „Korzó”, „Műemlékvédelem”, „Nyírségi Gondolat”, „Örökség”, „Polonia Węgierska”, „Regio” (Slovakia), „Szabolcs-Szatmár-Beregi Szemle” and „KKH – a megyei könyvtárak lapja”. His first photo album was published in summer 2010.

In 2008 he has been awarded the „Gyula Forster Commemorative Medal – for the Protection of Hungarian Historical Monuments” – according to the statement, for his excellent publication activities, developing the issue of the protection of historical and ancient monuments.

On 20th November 2018, the Committee of Municipal Repository of Values of Nyíregyháza made a decision to add the work of László Sipos, carried out by him in protection of ancient monuments and ancient monument photography, to the Hungarian national values.

His first exhibition – from his Middle-Asian photos – was organised by Hilda Putschögl in Breitenfurt bei Wien, the second one in Vienna in „Z”. On 12th March 2010 was the opening of his exhibition with the title „Ősi örmény templomok” (English: „Ancient Armenian churches”); on 8th April the latest one was opened with the title „Sába földjén” (English: „On Sheba’s Land”) within the frame of „Art Weeks in Nyíregyháza” in the Chamber Gallery of the Zsigmond Móricz Library. The exhibition was opened by the painter-artist, Edith Székhelyi, according to her opinion:

„László Sipos uses artistic tools of highlighting and subordination consciously and sensitive. The architectural elements will be often forced by him into the space of the picture, they become so monumental and ruling with their intellectuality. Next time he highlights the most important element of the photo with its dimensions or placement. He is pleased to use the compression of the photos but only in order to emphasise the essence. He is not ready to surrender the important details in favour of the trendy „minimal art”. László Sipos has been looking for, finding and transmitting the eternal truth.”


„As if HE, the photographer watched us through the closed windows, opening to the deserted streets. Although he calls himself so we can say with calm heart: HE is much more than that…Time and time again, when I take his photo album in my hands, it always offers something new, a previously not perceived experience or it awakens a slumbering thought. And, every time it offers the thrilling feeling of a new meeting.”

János Kulimár
editor in chief


„This volume confirms that it is possible to talk in pictures about the wrinkles, smile and troubles on the face of Tibet in the way as László Sipos has done: with his engrossed talent. „

Károly Makk
film director


„László Sipos is a photographer, dedicated to the arts and universal values and having been honoured with commemorative medal Gyula Forster… This time, he will lead, dear reader, to Cambodia, to Angkor: to the capital of the ancient and mysterious Khmer Empire. He will do it – now, for the first time – by the help of artistic sepia-like photos: these are maybe able to reflect or even to render the magical, with nothing comparable world and the special atmosphere of the Angkor.”

Tamás Szabó
Director of Publishing Company
„Örökségünk Könyvkiadó”

Studies in the field of monument protection and art history

„I recommend this book to all who would like to get to know the work, opinion and working method of an untiring, dedicated person. I recommend this book to the inquiring civil organisations: based on this book they can take courage and draw strength to their work to preserve their heritage and traditions. Last but not least I recommend the studies and the example of László Sipos to the marked attention of people, working professionally in the protection of ancient and historic monuments: they should trust in the possibility of the cooperation of different specialised areas and the increase of national support!”

Dr. Erzsébet Kovács
architect, specialised engineer of monument protection
Vice president of Hungarian National Committee of ICOMOS


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